San Diego Virtual
3291 Buckman Springs Road
Pine Valley, CA 91962

CSR Rank: 5 out of 102
Compare to 2013 - Rank: 1, API Score: 632

2016 CAASPP Test Score Details:
GradeTest TypeMean ScoreExceeded
Nearly Met
Not Met
5English* 0%0%0% 0%
5Math* 0%0%0% 0%
6English2500.5 18%12%35% 35%
6Math2464.6 6%12%18% 65%
7English2540.4 7%43%14% 36%
7Math2488.1 0%15%38% 46%
8English2513.6 6%14%40% 40%
8Math2439.9 0%0%30% 70%
11English2569.3 14%32%31% 23%
11Math2502.7 1%14%16% 68%
- Asterisk "*", if present, indicates scores are not available (too few)
Calculated Percentiles from California School Ratings:
English Language Arts/Literacy Mathematics
GradePercentileStudents TestedPercentileStudents Tested
639.29%17 23.04%17
754.4%15 28.43%15
817.12%36 5.17%38
1140.17%94 31.4%87
Weighted average for this school's Math and English test scores: 30.16%1-c
This school is in the 41.62th percentile1-d when compared to other schools of the same type: Elementary-High Combination
SAT Test Results:
Average Reading Score506
Average Math Score479
Percent Tested10% (16 out of 160 seniors)
82 (6.67%)30
91 (3.45%)29
105 (8.33%)60
113 (3.33%)90
1224 (15%)160
Student Ethnicity:
Hispanic or Latino
Two or More Races
African American
American Indian or Alaska Native
Pacific Islander
Not reported

  1. California School Ratings (CSR) computes percentiles in this way:
    1. For a given grade level, all Math scores are put into an ordered list and a percentile is calculated for each score, based its position in the list.
    2. For a given grade level, all English scores are put into an ordered list and a percentile is calculated for each score, based its position in the list.
    3. Math and English percentiles from (a & b above) are weighted, based on the number of students who completed each type of test, to create a combined Math+English weighted percentile for each school.
    4. The combined Math+English weighted percentiles are put into an ordered list for the particular type of school (elementary/middle/high school/K-12) and a percentile-within-the-school-type is calculated.
    5. How percentiles work: the school percentile is a number between 0 and 100 that reflects the percentage of schools of the same type (elementary/middle/high school/K-12) in California that have an equal or lower combined Math+English weighted percentile (from 1-c above). For example, a school in the 70th percentile would have a combined weighted percentile that was equal to or better than 70% of the other schools of the same type.
  2. The CSR Rank is determined by a school's percentile in comparison to other schools of the same type in California (from 1-d above). (1 is the worst, 10 is the best). Schools in the 90th percentile and above have rank 10, 80%-89.999% rank 9 and so on. A similar number of schools occupy each rank. * This rank is derived from data in the 2016 California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP).
  3. Alternative Schools receive percentiles, but are not ranked
  4. More information: 2016 CAASPP Paper-based Test Results