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California School Ratings - FAQ

Where do you get the school ratings data?
The ratings are from the 2013 California Academic Performance Index (API) Growth report (last updated in May, 2014) Learn more here
What is the 1-10 rank given for schools on this site?
The State Rank is determined by a school's API Score in comparison to other schools with a similar grade-range in California. (1 is the worst, 10 is the best). An equal number of schools occupy each rank.
I see a school on your site with a lower rank and higher API score compared to another school on the site, how is that possible?
Because only similar grade-range schools are compared when ranking, the API score required to achieve a given rank is different for High Schools, Middle Schools, and Elementary schools.
Why are your rankings or api scores different from the ones on another school rating site?
In cases where other sites display a different rank, it is possible that they have older or newer data or that the site uses their own formula for producing a rank.

Our rankings come directly from the California 2013 Growth API state data (last updated in May, 2014). We display the state 1-10 rank and api scores literally (with no processing or "massaging").
What is the "similar schools ranking"?
The Similar schools ranking is based on "School's API score compared to 100 other schools of the same type with a mix of similar demographic characteristics"

You can find the answers to many other ratings-related questions in the Academic Performance Index Reports Information Guide:
What is the "Core academic courses" number?
The "Core academic courses" number reflects departmentalized programs (ELA, mathematics, science, and history-social science). The interpretation of this number is up to the parent.

You can find the answers to many other ratings-related questions in the 2012-13 Academic Performance Index Reports Information Guide
How do I advertise on California School Ratings?
You can advertise on through Google's Adwords site.

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